Supporting your NHS

Patient laughing with a member of staffWe help Northern Care Alliance (NCA) NHS Foundation Trust deliver outstanding care across Bury, Oldham, Rochdale and Salford by funding innovative equipment, education, research and wellbeing activities.

Through your generous donations we support NHS staff to deliver the best care possible for over a million patients and their families every year. 

We work with communities, schools and businesses to provide additional funding for the NCA’s four hospitals and community services.

Your donations help us go above and beyond the scope of the NHS by making a difference in four key areas:

  1. Equipment: We fund state-of-the-art equipment that provides patients with the best diagnoses and treatments.
  2. Education: We provide health education for patients and their families. We help staff become leaders in their field through specialist training, development and support.
  3. Research: We support innovative research into the cause, treatment and prevention of diseases to save lives and improve patient care.
  4. Wellbeing support: We enhance the overall experience for patients, their families and staff by improving environments, providing additional comforts and supporting welfare needs.

We aim to enhance the services and experience of patients and staff across the Northern Care Alliance, beyond the scope of the NHS, by:

  • Providing benefits for the wellbeing of patients and staff
  • Supporting the advancement of clinical research
  • Support the advancement of treatment and care through access to the latest, cutting edge equipment
  • Providing support for staff education and training
  • Providing health education for patients
  • Improving the environment for patients and staff

An artist's impression of the new major trauma centre at Salford RoyalThanks to your incredible donations we make a difference to thousands of lives across Bury, Oldham, Rochdale and Salford. As we’re part of the NCA family, we can ensure your donations reach those services most in need across all our hospitals and community services.

We know some supporters want their donation to benefit a specific hospital, department or team and we can work with you to ensure this happens.

Thanks to your support, we have helped the NCA establish high-quality services that have become renowned regionally, nationally and internationally. These include:

  • The Manchester Centre for Clinical Neurosciences (MCCN). We’ve funded specialist equipment and research - helping it become one of the leading neuroscience units in the UK that treats conditions such as head injury, Parkinson’s Disease and brain tumours.
  • Greater Manchester Major Trauma Centre. A new dedicated facility is being built at Salford Royal, meaning seriously ill patients from across the region will get critical and rapid access to specialist treatment and state-of-the-art imaging.
  • Maternity and children services. The Royal Oldham Hospital’s Women and Children's Unit is one of three regional centres providing the highest level of intensive care to the smallest and most vulnerable babies and children. Our In Your Hands Appeal raised £200,000 to buy new medical equipment and enhance the environment for pregnant women, children and parents.
  • Stroke Units at Fairfield General Hospital and Salford Royal. These units are regarded amongst the very best, providing faster access to diagnoses and treatment to save lives.
  • Dementia Care. As well as helping dementia patients feel ‘at home’ while receiving medical treatment at our specialist Oasis Unit at Rochdale Infirmary, staff at Salford Royal are leading a project to join up medical and patient information so that dementia can be detected earlier.

Ensuring your money is used wisely and benefits those in need is paramount to what we do.

We are governed by Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust’s Charitable Fund Committee (CFC) - a sub-committee of the Board. 

The CFC meets quarterly, with the option of additional meetings when required. It ensures fund spending meets the conditions or purpose of each donation, bequest, or grant received by the charity.

Membership is made up of non-executive directors (who act as trustees), a secretary, chief finance officer, director of finance, and chief officers or directors of finance from the NCA’s four Care Organisations in Bury, Oldham, Rochdale and Salford. The committee also has representation from two investment companies.

The current chairman is Geoff Little.

The CFC has robust policies and procedures in place to ensure:

  • Charitable activities are in line with the organisational purpose and aims and that these are delivered effectively and sustainably.
  • The Charity has strong leadership, led by an effective Board.
  • The integrity of the Charity; creating a culture to help achieve the charitable purposes and retain the public’s confidence and trust.
  • Clear and transparent decision making, and identify and mitigate any risks (financial, reputational etc) through robust decision-making processes which are informed, rigorous and timely.
  • The on-going effectiveness of the Charity, with an appropriate balance of skills, experience, background and knowledge to make informed decisions.
  • Diversity, across its leadership and decision making.
  • Openness and accountability about the Charity’s work.

Every year we produce an annual report so our supporters can see our fundraising highlights; the administration of the charity work we do; the structure, management and governance of our funds; the strategic objectives; finances and future plans.

NorthCare Charity was established in November 2020 to bring together fundraising across Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust. It will replace Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (SRFT) Charitable Funds and will merge with Pennine Acute Hospitals Charity in 2021.

From 2021-2022 our annual reports and accounts will be published under the name NorthCare Charity within the document produced by the NCA. For previous years these documents were published separately under the corresponding Trusts’ names.

NorthCare Charity

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