NorthCare Charity’s first ever Fire Walk took place on Friday 16 February at Salford Royal Hospital in the memorial garden. Over 50 fundraisers attended to walk across a path of red-hot embers barefoot to raise funds for NorthCare Charity.

Some completed the challenge in memory of a loved one, like Lynette Cook and her son Keaton, who walked in tribute of ‘Grandma Bet’ who passed away in December 2023 at Royal Oldham Hospital. “We walked separately and then together for my sons grandma, which helped him so much with the grief of losing her”, said Lynette. “He could channel his energy into doing something good and productive, and I can't thank the charity team enough because it was an amazing, fun night!”

Others walked in celebration of their recovery, like Vicky Lewis and her family and friends, who completed the challenge to raise funds for the Geoffrey Jefferson Brain Research Centre after Vicky’s successful treatment of a benign brain tumour, an ‘Acoustic Neuroma’, in 2021. “I couldn’t think of a better way to thank The Jeff for saving my life”, Vicky said.

The event was supported by Firewalk Events, who created a controlled fire path that was then extinguished, and the hot coals raked over for participants to walk across Some described it as walking on hot sand, others on eggshells, and it was a unique experience for everyone.

Over £9,000 was raised for various departments and projects across the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust’s hospitals and community services, which surpassed expectations.

“We’re absolutely delighted with how well our first-ever Fire Walk event went!” said Shelley Owen, Challenge Events Fundraiser for NorthCare Charity.

“It was amazing to see so many fundraisers there to enjoy the experience and take part in something really special. We’d love to host more events like this, so watch this space for our next announcement and make sure you’re there!”