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A charity football match organised by the family of a seven year-old stroke survivor has raised £8,525 for NorthCare, the official charity of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust.

Lucy Strickleton had life-saving treatment, followed by surgery, at Salford Royal in November 2021, following a cardiac arrest, a stroke and two blood clots developing on her brain, aged only six. She defied all odds by regaining movement in her left side, which was impacted by the stroke, in her leg, then her arm and face, and she has been progressing steadily since.

“When Lucy was transferred to Salford Royal, they told us they would attempt surgery to remove the blood clot on her brain, but that they had never performed this procedure on any child as young as Lucy” said her dad, Dave.

“Thanks to their amazing work, Lucy has made great strides in her recovery, and we’re hopeful that through physiotherapy and hard work she will get full movement back and be able to lead a relative normal life.”Lucy's fundraising football match.jpeg

To show his appreciation, Dave organised a charity football match at Bolton Wanderers Football Club to raise funds for NorthCare Charity, to go towards the stroke team at Salford Royal Hospital.

The whole family, including Lucy’s mum Nicola and sister Lily, came to meet the team at the hospital to thank them in person, where the staff told them: “it’s so rare that we’re able to see our patients again once they’ve left our care, so we’re so glad to be able to check in with Lucy and see how she’s getting on. This was a memorable case and we’re very grateful for the Strickleton family’s kind donation to support our work. It was an absolute privilege to be a part of Lucy’s treatment and recovery.”

Jess Pollard, Fundraising Officer for NorthCare Charity said: “we’re absolutely delighted to accept this donation from Lucy and her family. It’s testament to the fantastic care that our staff provide that Lucy is here today, and it’s been a lovely experience to reunite her and her family with the team who treated her.

“Charitable donations help us to go above and beyond the scope of NHS funding and make a huge difference to the wellbeing of our staff and the care for our patients. I’d encourage anyone who was interested in raising funds through an event, like Lucy’s family, to get in touch with us so we can support you in any way we can.”