The Bee was located outside Salford Royal's main entrance.

Last year Salford Royal Hospital was the hive for one of the Manchester Bees donated by the Unsung Heroes award.  

Salford Royal Hospital, part of Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust, had the Bee statue on display after the Electronic Patient Records team won the award.  

The Bee brought colour and life to the entrance of the hospital and was an important part of boosting morale and wellbeing within the Trust.  

Looking after staff and patient wellbeing is an important part of what NorthCare Charity do, as they have been able to fund and support services to enhance patient experience.  

The Electronic Patient Records team were presented with the IT Award due to their hard work and commitment during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, digitising patient records and creating an IT workflow for the vaccination centre. 

The Bee was designed by START, a mental health charity that encourages people to look after their mental and physical wellbeing through arts. Whether this is painting, drawing, crafting or creative writing, they have something for everyone to keep them mentally active.  

Karen Casper, Fundraising Officer, said: “It was great to have the Bee at Salford Royal, and was a nice touch to walk past it every day to get into work. Wellbeing is something we take very seriously at the charity as we want all staff and patients to feel comforted whilst working with us.”  

If you would like to donate to staff and patient wellbeing, you can here.