Event date and time

17th September 2022


Partner event

Event category

  • Running

Event description

Chose to run or trek from 10km up to a 100km Ultra Marathon in the Peak District this September.

  • Back Before Dark – 10k in 1 hour
    Designed for trail runners who’ve trained for a 10km fell run.
  • Copper Challenge – 25k
    This challenge is for walkers or runners.
  • Bronze Challenge – 50k in 12 hours
    The target is generous for runners but shouldn’t be underestimated.
  • Silver Challenge – 75k in 24 hours
    For determined walkers and runners who are experienced travelling through the night.
  • Gold Ultra – 100k in 24 hours
    This challenge should be attempted by fit and experienced ultra-runners and long-distance walkers who want to see the best that the Peak District has to offer.

Find out more about the individual events at www.peak-district-challenge.com

Registration deadline - 11 August 2022

Join #TeamNorthCare for these epic challenges! To sign-up, contact our team.

Event location


The Peak District